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The "Design for Tomorrow" program, organized by the Woodford County Task Force, has helped crystallize a vision of how to keep the unique qualities that make Woodford County a great place to live, work, and invest.

In May 2000, many community members participated in a historic process to plan for the county's future.  The links below contain images from the public planning events as well as some of the images that were used to communicate ideas in the resulting plan. 

That plan, described in a document called Preserving Town & Country in the Woodford County Bluegrass, has been adopted in large part and is already influencing the landscape.    [NEW: You can now download the document here.] 
The plan was selected for a recent Kentucky Innovations Award. Currently, work is being done to finalize a Code that will formally regulate the design of new development and redevelopment in Woodford County. 


Downtown Versailles / Versailles Center Workshop

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Work-in-progress images

Videotape copies of the "Food for Thought" and "Work in Progress" presentations are available at the Library.

Download an Adobe Acrobat version of the Sunday, June 18, 2000 Opinions & Ideas editorial from the Lexington Herald-Leader.

For more information please contact Patricia Wilson at (606) 873-2025.


Woodford County, like many other counties, is trying to balance the benefits of rapid growth with the challenges it creates. New community facilities and population growth must be balanced with maintaining the traditional neighborhoods, rural heritage and agricultural lands.




The county  has many different kinds of neighborhoods and landscapes.  Through several workshops, the planning team explored the concerns unique to both the rural communities such as Mortonsville, and the more urban area in downtown Versailles. The planning team also explored how new development can become neighborhoods that are in keeping with the character of Woodford County.

The workshops were “hands-on” table sessions where community members had a special opportunity to share their views, as they first drew and then presented their ideas to others. The planning team then refined the ideas from the workshops.




From this website you can download the two final documents:

Preserving Town & Country in the Woodford County Bluegrass


The New Urban Code for
Woodford County, Kentucky