Versailles - Midway - Woodford County Planning Commission

Woodford County, Kentucky


Floodplain Management

Web Mapping: Is my house in a floodplain?



FIRM Panel Numbers:

21239C0015C                    21239C0020C                    21239C0037C

21239C0039C                    21239C0040C                    21239C0041C

21239C0043C                    21239C0045C                    21239C0050C

21239C0055C                    21239C0060C                    21239C0065C

21239C0070C                    21239C0080C                    21239C0085C

21239C0090C                    21239C0095C                    21239C0105C

21239C0110C                    21239C0115C                    21239C0120C

21239C0150C                    21239C0160C                    21239C0180C


Index Map:





Woodford County Flood Study 08-02-2011

Compendium of Flood Map Changes

Cooperating Technical Partners (CTP) Program

Data Capture Standards

Digital Flood Maps

Flood Hazard Mapping Fact Sheet

Flood Map Modernization


A Powerful Tool for Risk Management

Flood Hazard Mapping

Flood Plain Insurance (NFIP)

Summary of Coverage

Saving on Flood Insurance

Map & Zone Grandfather Rules

The Food Insurance Industry and Flood Map Modernization

Guidelines and Specifications for Flood Mapping Partners

Leveraging Efforts of Partners

Mapping Information Platform

Multi-Year Flood Hazard Identification Plan





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