Versailles - Midway - Woodford County Planning Commission

Woodford County, Kentucky

Floodplain Management

Flood Plain Map

Is my house in a floodplain?


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FIRM Panel Numbers:

21239C0015D                21239C0020C                21239C0037D

21239C0039D                21239C0040C                21239C0041D

21239C0043D                21239C0045D                21239C0050C

21239C0055D                21239C0060C                21239C0065D

21239C0070D                21239C0080D                21239C0085D

21239C0090D                21239C0095C                21239C0105D

21239C0110D                21239C0115D                21239C0120D

21239C0150D                21239C0160D                21239C0180D


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Woodford County Flood Study 08-02-2011

Compendium of Flood Map Changes

Cooperating Technical Partners (CTP) Program

Data Capture Standards

Digital Flood Maps

Flood Hazard Mapping Fact Sheet

Flood Map Modernization

Flood Plain Insurance (NFIP)

Summary of Coverage

Saving on Flood Insurance

Map & Zone Grandfather Rules

The Food Insurance Industry and Flood Map Modernization

Guidelines and Specifications for Flood Mapping Partners

Leveraging Efforts of Partners

Mapping Information Platform

Multi-Year Flood Hazard Identification Plan